Boomers Rock Small Groups

One of the many benefits of Boomers Rock membership is the ability to find other people with whom you have a shared interest. Our Small Groups are a great way to find those people.

To be notified of a small group’s activities via email, follow these simple steps:  

  • Login to the Boomers Rock website.     
  • Click on your name at the top of the screen.
  • Click on the “Edit Profile” button to see the list of available Small Groups.  Check the box of each small you’re interested in.

If we do not have a small group active in your favorite hobby, you can add it to the wish list. How? We love to add new events and groups to our organization. The only thing we need is people who are interested and someone to lead the group. Every group has at least one leader to schedule, co-ordinate etc.


Join fellow Boomers at the Fiesta Bowl on the last Friday of every month.   There are no teams, just register and come to bowl.  Simple games and prizes make it fun for all. Men and women are welcome.

Jim Erickson is the leader of this group.


The Boomers Golf outings will normally be on the fourth Sunday of each month but may be moved due to course schedules and holidays. When playing 9 holes (hotter months), golf will typically start later earlier in the day and when playing 18 holes (cooler months,) golf will start earlier later. Prizes will be awarded to the top teams depending on the number of participants. There may also be prizes for closest to the pin or other games. We will limit participation to the first 60 golfers.  We try to set up teams that are balanced in skill level to encourage friendly competition, but we also realize that this is a social event. Spouses will be allowed to play together if they indicate that preference on the registration form. All Boomers are also encouraged to stop in the club house after golf for something to eat, a beverage, and to socialize.

The leaders of this group are Mike Webster and Dave Banaszynski.


Join your fellow Boomers in kayaking on the lakes of the Village. Beginners and experienced kayakers are welcome. We meet on the 2nd and 4th Wednesdays of the month. We do ask that you register so  we know who is coming and who we should notify if there is a weather delay.

The leaders of this small group are Barbara Bowman and Liz Buness.


Join us the third Wednesday of each month for dinner. (The date could change to the fourth Wednesday due to restaurant scheduling.)  Do you wonder how to meet your fellow Boomers and what we do? The Newcomers Dinner is a terrific way to meet people in a quiet atmosphere and get to talk to them one on one. We will have 30+ members at the dinner and 2 or more members who have been around a while will be there to talk about Boomers Rock and to answer all your questions. You will meet other people who are also new to the group. Everyone introduces themselves to the group and many times great friendships have started right here. Due to the growing number of members, there is currently a onetime attendance. Let us help you make the most of your membership. This event fills up fast so sign up as soon as you get the notice.

The coordinator of the Newcomers Dinner is Alissa Nead.


Did you know that a quarter of all Boomers Rock members are single? Don’t miss the fun just because you do not have a partner to attend with you.  Come out and enjoy the Village with us. If you have been sitting around wishing for someone to go to dinner with – you are in luck!  We have potlucks, games, BBQ’s and attend other Boomer and Village functions together. If you are single and looking for people to hang out with, you should give Boomers Singles a try. We may be just what you are looking for!

Leaders of the Singles Group are Becky Mueller and Trish Lehtola.


Boomers Bunco is held the fourth Thursday of each month at El Jimador at 107 Desoto Dr. Bunco is a fun game that anyone can play. No skill is needed -- just the desire to enjoy yourself and meet other fun people.  El Jimador is a popular local Mexican restaurant. Each person pays for their own food and drink.  The fee to play Bunco is $5.00 with prizes going to the person with the most wins, the person with the most losses, the person with the most Buncos, and the person with the last Bunco. Check out this group. It is great fun! The maximum number of players is 28 so be sure to sign up when you get the email announcing the event.

Leader of Boomers Bunco is Janet Mickey Covert and Gwynn Lumpkin.


Come plant with us! This small group is for backyard gardeners. No need to be an expert, just have a love of nature’s beauty and to get your hands dirty. Everyone is welcome, no matter what your level of experience is. Some of the activities are garden tours, plant swaps, and socializing to exchange information and tips.

The Garden Club Leader is Judy Nowak.


Do you like to hike? Join the Trail Masters every Tuesday morning for a two to three mile hike on the trails in the Village and occasionally surrounding areas. The hikes are easy to moderate and a great way to walk and talk to new friends. 

Kim Botkin is the Trail Masters Leader.


I have found that being a volunteer and helping in planning the menu, decorating the venue and all-around help in putting an event together is where I have found my closest friends. There is nothing like a common goal to bring people together.

We hope this helps you learn a little more about what Boomers Rock has for you.  If you have questions or suggestions, please contact me at 734-377-3600 or

Alissa Need, Director of Small Groups

Boomers Rock is a 501(c)7 non-profit organization.










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