Things you need to understand to successfully join Boomers Rock.

MEMBERSHIP LEVELS – We have 2 levels of members.

Membership Single

If you want to register as an individual, choose this option.  Your membership will not be “connected” to any other person. The initial cost of a single membership is $20. The annual renewal after the first year is $12.50

Membership Couple (bundle)

A membership bundle is two members who are linked together and managed by one of the members – the bundle administrator.  Example: a husband and wife, only one would be the Bundle Administrator.  Any two people can be in a bundle, but they must share the same address.  Depending on your privacy settings, other members can view your linked member’s name.

Bundle members share the same renewal date, status, and membership level.  The entire bundle is charged for bundle membership dues, which is paid by the Bundle Administrator.

The bundle dues $40 for the first year for two people. Renewal each year after is $25 for two people.

When registering, only the bundle administrator should register both members to avoid duplicate membership dues.


The system links a membership record to only one email address.  Members cannot share an email address!

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