Boomers Rock is a social club that strives to improve the HSV active lifestyle for the benefit of its members. This is accomplished through a spirit of inclusiveness by partnering with like-minded organizations to provide entertainment and services within HSV that appeal to baby boomers.

Our mission statement, explained:

. . .social club: Boomers Rock is a 501 (c) (7) organization, which allows social clubs to be tax-exempt (but NOT tax deductible). As such, we need to limit the purchase of tickets to our exclusive events to Boomers Rock members only. 

. . .improve the HSV active lifestyle: Our members often comment that HSV needs to do boomer-attractive lifestyle upgrades and additions within the Village. Boomers Rock actively works with the Parks and Recreation Department to offer our opinions, assistance and resources.

. . .spirit of inclusiveness: There is no age requirement for joining Boomers Rock. Anyone who enjoys the music, spirit and attitude of the baby boomer generation, and for whom our mission is appealing, is welcome to join us!

. . .partnering with like-minded organizations: Boomers Rock will be most successful when collaborating with other organizations that share our desire for improving the HSV active lifestyle. This leverages the resources of other organizations while alleviating the burden on our own. 

. . .appeal to baby boomers: We all know there is a lot that can be, and is being, done to improve the HSV active lifestyle. Boomers Rock targets its energy and resources on those efforts that we believe are most appealing to those of the baby boomer generation.

Boomers Rock is a 501(c)7 non-profit organization.










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